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Be careful what you wish for—you never know who might be listening.

On Midsummer’s Eve, magical creatures gather to play games with any mortals unlucky enough to cross their path. When young Merry is stolen by the fairies, her sisters Melancholy and Mischief must enter the dangerous, hidden world of Den Hulder to save their beloved little sis. With two nervous brownies, a cranky fairy, and Strange Cousin Satchel getting in the way, the sisters may never get Merry back—and  they only have until midnight to make things right.


Will the mortals win their way home or will they forever be kept under the hulders’ spell?

Equal parts spooky and funny, this original tale is packed with characters based on magical beings from around the world.


Runtime varies depending on cast size. Approximately 45-60 minutes.

$50 per performance.  $5 per script (13 Minimum)

Director and 5 additional tech scripts = FREE!

Available in a variety of flexible cast sizes from 30-13.

Roles: 2F/28A  (Cast 30-16)

Roles: 2F/13A   (Cast 15-13)

Under The Hulders' Spell

Large Cast


Small Cast


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