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Customize Cast Size

These titles have a large and a small cast version.

Cinderella Rockin' the '80s

Get A Clue

The Princess and the Frog,

Under The Hulders' Spell

You can pick the best fit for yourself and adjust as needed.

We'll even tell you which characters to cut and combine.


Or have PLD customize to your cast specifications for a beautifully clean script. 

Option One


  • Choose Large or Small Cast.

  • Make casting adjustments to the script yourself.

  •  Each show come with suggest cuts and characters that can be combined

  • Make it work for your needs.

No Additional Cost

Option Two


  • Cast from the script that most closely meets your anticipated needs.

  • Share casting breakdown.

  • PLD will customize: combine characters, adjust names, and even include actor names on the character page.

  • A  unique script just for your production.

1 Week Processing - $100!

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