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Pink Llama - Origins

Once upon a time there was a teaching artist who needed plays with large, flexible cast sizes and a special moment for every actor. She yearned for strong, vibrant, female characters in stories that were not about romance and actually entertaining.  She wanted productions that worked on a shoestring or a champagne budget. She wanted it all, searching high and low to find these plays. But nothing met her high standards. 

So she wrote her own!

Kate Swenson's plays have been commissioned and produced throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is an educator, actor, director, costumer, prop designer, producer, and playwright, and she wears all of these hats on her large head when writing a play.  

Pink Llama Drama Plays:

  • Especially created for young actors of varying ages and abilities

  • Designed so each actors has a unique and memorable role to call their own

  • Innovative cast structures that are truly flexible

  • Featuring multiple female leads with agency

  • Sprinkled with humor that appeals to all ages

Kate Swenson - Playwright

Kate is an actor, director, educator, designer, producer, and playwright in the Pacific Northwest. She has been working with young actors from ages 3 to 18 for over twenty years.  From tiny classrooms, to hallways, to beautiful auditoriums, she's experienced the full spectrum of theatre and how it changes lives at every level.        

Kate has recently retired from her position as Executive Education Director at Youth Theatre NW to pursue writing full time.


She is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Dramatist Guild of America. Her creative consulting company helps artist with writing, performing, and the places where they intersect. Her fiction for grownups frolics in the lands of fantasy and comedy.

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His name is purple, his soul is pink, he's the llama he wants to be!


This handsome fellow once existed only as a dream until he was brought to life by the fabulous Katie Wheeler. 

Find out more about her art and stories! 

Mr. Peri Winkle - Llama

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