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Discovering Oz: The Adventures of Dorothy and Ozma

Princess Ozma, Supreme Ruler of the Land of Oz, believes in the power of manners, diplomacy, and her own fairy magic.  Her best friend, Princess Dorothy, with her hilarious, homespun wisdom, helps Ozma fulfill her royal duties and reminds her to find joy in everyday things.

When the Great Book of Records reveals fighting between the Skeezers and the Flatnoggins, Dorothy and Ozma must leave their friends in the Emerald City and travel to the far corners of Oz to prevent a war. But the Skeezers and the Flatnoggins, fueled by greed and unregistered magic, have no interest in peace. The Supreme Dictator of the Flatnoggins holds a grudge against the Skeezer Queen because she changed his wife into a golden pig. Queen Coo-ee-oh cares about only one Skeezer—herself—and she won't stop stealing magic until all the power is hers.

The peacekeeping mission pushes Dorothy and Ozma to their limits, challenging their negotiating skills, their magic, and even their friendship. Ozma suffers a crisis of confidence and the disastrous trip ends with the two now-estranged friends trapped on a submerged island beneath Skeezer Lake.

Back in the Emerald City, Glinda the Good Witch assembles a rescue party—including Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion, and a collection of obscure Ozian characters—to save the princesses. But even Glinda’s powers, three magical fish, and a clever Skeezer are not enough to reverse the spell on the submerged isle. Only when Ozma and Dorothy call upon the power of their friendship are they able to free themselves and restore peace to Oz—no ruby slippers necessary.

Runtime:  90 minutes

Casting:  50-22

Roles: 4/F, 2/M, 20/A --plus flexible ensemble.

$60 per performance.  $5 per script (22 Minimum)

Director and 5 additional tech scripts = FREE!

While this adaptation does not feature the exact cast-size flexibility as other Pink Llama Drama titles, it does include 26 named roles (which can be doubled) and limitless ensemble opportunities!

Discovering Oz was written for Youth Theatre Northwest.  Originally titled: Glinda of Oz

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