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Camp Kidbegone Cover (1410 × 2250 px).png

After a hike deep into the woods, the Camp Kidbegone campers awaken to find their counselors missing and a mysterious box delivered to the campsite.

Can this group of distinct personalities come together to solve the mystery?

Or will the kids be gone forever?

Camp Kidbegone is specially designed for the drama classroom or camp environment by someone who’s been there and knows what you need.


  • Roles are all similar in size—everyone has the lead.

  • Completely gender-neutral casting.

  • Legitimate characters for young actors to explore.

  • Simple staging and costuming.

  • Room to add your own flair.

  • The PDF includes cast sizes for 10, 9, 8, 7, AND 6. 


All in one convenient package.

Copy and print what you need and start rehearsing! 

Cut it. Add to it. Make everyone a pirate--it's all yours.

CAMP KIDBEGONE is intended for free use in non-profit camps and classrooms. Print and perform forever for only $20.

Camp Kidbegone

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