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Pink Llama Llove

Kate Swenson's innate gift of balancing age-appropriate material, emotional depth, dynamic characters, and invigorating plotlines allow for her plays to really shine in a world of otherwise stereotypically lackluster scripts for youth.


Pink Llama plays allow young actors to support and celebrate each other, while simultaneously allowing each person their moment in the spotlight.


It is clear these plays are the product of an excellent educator and a brilliant writer. You cannot go wrong with a PLD original.

--Cory Southwell

Program  Director

Youth Theatre NW

As a drama teacher, it can be challenging to find a great play for children. In Kate Swenson's plays, every single role is special and has a moment.

My students love Kate's plays because they are imaginative and wacky.


Her humor speaks to young people. Her characters encourage my actors to be big and bold.


I would highly recommend.

--Zoe Wilson

Drama Teacher 

Open Window School

My students love Kate's plays because they are humorous and full of imagination! Her plays challenge them to be "wacky," and "over-the-top," in the best way possible! It's such a treat to see my students challenge themselves as performers and Kate's plays do just that, while making them have fun in the process.


Her plays also connect well with parents because of her writing style and the fun little "pop culture," references that are included in them.


The fact that her plays can connect with adults and kids is a testament to her talent.


This is why I would highly, highly recommend producing a Pink Llama Drama play if you haven't yet.

--Matt Dela Cruz

Drama Teacher

Brighton School

The writing is very clear and quirky, with a ton of fully developed characters to challenge young actors.

If any school is looking for a play that will create strong memories and be enjoyable for all involved then I highly suggest Cinderella Rockin' the 80's by Kate Swenson. 

--Michael McClain


Kate Swenson can walk into a classroom and assess the dynamics of the students immediately with any age group. She is nurturing, yet firm, thoughtful, and generous in her teaching, all of which translates beautifully in her playwrighting.


Because she understands youth actors and what they are capable of as well as what they lack, she can write scripts that caters to their skills and ages while telling a beautifully crafted story.


Youth Theatre Northwest has had the pleasure and privilege to produce several of her works, and we look forward to producing more in the future.

--Mimi Katano

Executive Artistic Director

Youth Theatre NW

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