Frequently asked questions

What's with all the different versions of scripts?

Most Pink Llama Drama plays have been around for a while and produced at many different schools. Two "source scripts" exist for each customizable title to make it easy to adjust cast sizes. Some finished scripts customized for specific projects also exist for different titles. Yours could be next!

How do I order additional E-Scripts?

Email with your request.

We had to cancel the show. Can we get our money back?

All E-Script copies are non-refundable. Rights can be given a partial refund or a full credit toward a future show. Email and let us know your situation.

How long does it take to have a script customized?

A one week turnaround after PLD receives your cast list with the genders and names of your actors or characters.

Will the playwright come to our school? Talk to the cast?

Maybe! Contact