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A Funny Little Mystery

The world’s greatest detective, Sherbert Bones, is retiring. A special group of (slightly less) great detectives are participating in a mystery contest and the lucky winner will take over for Sherbert Bones.


Ace reporter Ginny and her photographer Rip are sure to get the scoop on the action when they score an invite to the haunted mansion that Sherbert calls home.  Disguised as fans, the reporters are soon rubbing elbows with the famous contestants: The Psychic, The Doctor, and The Silver Fist.

But sabotage is afoot and a real kidnapping changes the game for everyone. Bones’ partner, Dr. Swatson, is missing! The mansion is full of hijinks, misdirection, and a line-up of silly characters including ghosts, super-fans, reporters in disguise, servants who are more than meet the eye, and one (very) scary groundskeeper. Which detective will bring home the kidnapped doctor and win the prize?

This action-packed mystery is anything but "little'" and this is one haunted mansion you won’t want to escape.

Runtime varies depending on cast size. Approximately 45-60 minutes.

$50 per performance.  $5 per script (16 Minimum)

Director and 5 additional tech scripts = FREE!

Available in a variety of flexible cast sizes from 30-14.

Roles:  6/F, 24/A (30-19)

Roles:  6/F, 12/A  (18-14)


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Youth Theatre NW - 2019

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