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Page Turner is a reluctant shepherd, she’d much rather read than keep an eye on a flock of sassy sheep. Her mom is way-stressed over hosting the upcoming Mutton Fest, but Page has a bad attitude about helping out with the family business. 

After a big fight with her mom, Page is banished to the pasture where she meets Jules Lyndverm, a dragon from another era who is obsessed with heavy metal music. 

When the ultra-traditional townsfolk find out about a dragon in the neighborhood, they send for St. Georgie, a famous warrior, to battle the scaly outsider and bring a much needed popularity boost to the lackluster Mutton Fest. Despite what you’ve heard, neither St. G nor the dragon enjoy battling, but if Mutton Fest fails Page’s family will be ruined. So the bookworm, the Lyndverm, and the emotionally fragile knight work up a plan to inject a little rock-n-roll into Mutton Fest.


Can they save the village or will everything go over like a Led Zeppelin? Stereotypes are lit on fire in this comedy about being true to yourself, not your hype. 


Runtime varies depending on cast size. Approximately 45-60 minutes.

$50 per performance.  $5 per script (13 Minimum)

Director and 5 additional tech scripts = FREE!

Roles: 7F/1M/14A  (Cast 22-15)

The Reluctant Dragon


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