Cinderella Rockin’ The 80s

Cinderella’s daughters poke around the family attic and uncover their mom’s crazy past. Today, Cindy manages her husband’s music career, but back in the 1980s, she loved science more than saxophones.


Daughters Ella, Punkin, and their friend Gus enjoy digging through the crazy clothes and totally gnarly tunes, but when they unearth the Tremlins—mystical party animals from Cindy’s past—the kids are transported back in time.


In the far away decade of the ’80s, Cindy is just a girl dreaming of the science fair and the school dance. But a truly heinous step-mother and grody-to-the-max siblings don’t want her cramping their big-haired style. Posing as foreign exchange students from FutureLand, Ella, Punkin and Gus endeavor to help Cindy live her dreams AND marry Dad.  With the assistance of a rocking Fairy Godperson and a band of merry geeks, they must successfully send Cindy to the dance that changes her life forever.


Can they fend off the diabolical LaCliques, keep the temperamental Tremlins under control, and not mess up their own timelines forever? Set your VCR to find out!

Runtime (depending on cast size): 45-60 minutes.

$50 per performance.  $5 per script (16 Minimum)

Director and 5 additional tech scripts = FREE!

Available in a variety of flexible cast sizes from 30-16.

Roles: 5F/2M/23A  (Cast 30-22)

Roles: 5F/2M/14A   (Cast 21-16)


Large Cast


Small Cast



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Youth Theatre NW - 2012

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